Dear Sakura Clients,

We are delighted to announce that we have joined Morpheus Medical Aesthetics effective this month, April 2017.  Morpheus is a well-established Aesthetics business with a history of excellent client care and we are thrilled to be able to offer many new services to you, our loyal clients, through their extraordinary staff.  We are staying in the same location and keeping our telephone number. 
Because we will officially be a new business, we need to ask you to complete new consent forms and a little paper work, the next time that we see you.  We are looking forward to that!


Yumiko BIshop

Manager at Sakura Medical Spa

Marisha Chilcott, MD
Physician & Owner
Morpheus Medical Aesthetics

405 Kains Ave.

Suite 201

Albany, CA 94706

(510) 488-1230

​  Morpheus Medical Spa : Albany Location

    (Former Sakura Medical Spa)